53 better printing sells hardcover and softcover books for january the following inf 4302783


53) Better Printing sells hardcover and softcover books. For January the following information is available:



Actual market size200,000400,000

Budgeted market size 250,000300,000

Actual market share38%36%

Budgeted market share36%32%

Budgeted Cont. Margin$2.40$1.00

Actual average selling price$14.00$6.50



1.Compute the market-share variance and market-size variance. (Round intermediate calculations to four decimal places)

2.Compute the total sales-quantity variance .


54) Bob's Appliances manufactures industrial dryers and washers. During February the following data are available:



Actual units sold10,00040,000

Budgeted sales 8,82033,180

Actual selling price $700$900

Budgeted selling price $710$930

Budgeted market share 25%24%

Actual market share 20%25%

Budget cont. margin /unit $275$375



Determine the following:


1.Sales-mix and sales-quantity variances

2.Market-share and market-size variances (for calculation purposes round combined actual and budgeted market share percentages to six decimal places.)



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