11 before printing a general journal report you must print the trial balance income 4311672

11) Before printing a General Journal Report, you must print the trial balance, income statement, and balance sheet.

12) When using QBP, the Trial Balance should be printed before General Journal Entries are printed to prevent out-of-balance entries.

13) With a computerized system, statements may be printed in any order because the computer internally calculates the net income or loss used on reports.

14) It is a good idea to double check the time period displayed on a report before printing the report.

15) Computerized accounting protects data integrity by reducing posting errors because data is entered once and then the software posts the data to all the accounts.

16) In a manual accounting system, the journal page number becomes part of the audit trail entered into the Post Reference column of the:

A) General Journal.

B) General Ledger.

C) Trial Balance.

D) both A and B.

17) MAPS stands for:

A) Manual Accounting Processes.

B) Manual Adjusting Procedures.

C) Manual Accounting Postings.

D) Manual Accounting Procedures.

18) When it comes to QBP journal entry numbers, you can enter the first journal number and then:

A) QBP will automatically sequentially increment the numbers.

B) continue entering your own numbers.

C) neither A nor B.

D) both A and B.

19) Pressing Tab allows you to move to the next open line of a:

A) Ledger entry.

B) Journal entry.

C) Trial Balance entry.

D) none of the above.

20) When recording a journal entry, the icon that saves the current transaction and exits the transaction window is called the:

A) Save and New icon.

B) Save and Close icon.

C) Revert icon.

D) Clear icon.


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