11 database store the data in rows and columns a forms b tables c reports d objects 4312335

11) Database ________ store the data in rows and columns.

A) forms

B) tables

C) reports

D) objects

12) The first column of a new table is named ________.

A) AutoNumber

B) Name


D) SS#

13) When creating a table, the ________ indicates what kind of information will be stored in a field.

A) criteria

B) layout

C) Data Type

D) caption

14) When you save a table that has been added or changed, its name displays in the ________.

A) title bar

B) Navigation Pane

C) status bar

D) database file

15) Use the ________ button to adjust the entire datasheet's column widths at once.

A) Select All

B) Row Selector

C) Column Border

D) Select Records

16) The Date/Time data type stores data as ________.

A) numeric values

B) text

C) serial numbers

D) monetary values

17) An alternate method for creating a table is to create it in ________ view.

A) Design

B) Datasheet

C) Layout

D) Property

18) Records in two tables can be related by placing the same ________ in both tables.

A) record

B) field

C) query

D) property

19) You can add tables to the Relationships tab by ________ them from the Navigation Pane.

A) dragging

B) pasting

C) cutting

D) duplicating

20) The Enforce Referential Integrity option is available from the ________ dialog box.

A) File

B) Get External Data

C) Edit Relationships

D) List

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