1 term bonds all mature at the same time 2 serial bonds mature in installments at re 4305930

1) Term bonds all mature at the same time

2) Serial bonds mature in installments at regular intervals.

3) Debentures are secured bonds.

4) Bond interest is generally paid twelve times per year

5) Bonds that are backed only by the good faith of the borrower are referred to serial bonds.

6) A dollar received today is worth less than a dollar received in the future.

7) A bond that sells above its face value is said to sell at a premium.

8) The effective rate of interest is the rate of interest stated on the bond certificate.

9) If the effective rate of interest exceeds the stated rate of interest, bonds will sell for more than their face value.

10) The market rate of interest, or effective interest rate, is the rate that investors demand for lending their money.

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