11 a decision support system dss provides a large group of problem solvers with info 4307337

11.A decision support system (DSS) provides a large group of problem solvers with information to solve a wide range of problems.

12.The sales growth rates for enterprise resource planning (ERP) system software decreased in the early 1990s as companies began to prepare for the Y2K problem.

13.The first users of computer output were clerical employees in the manufacturing area.

14.A problem is a condition or event that is harmful or potentially harmful to a firm or that is

beneficial or potentially beneficial.

15.Problem solvers must have information for each of the activities in Simon’s model of

problem solving.

16.The three traditional business areas are marketing, manufacturing, and information services.

17.Information services as a business area does not do any strategic planning.

18.The uses of computers and communications are converging.

19.The future of information technology will be driven by the increased cost and reduced power

of both computers and communications.

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