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Paper format APA Line spacing Double Description Take an online quiz (such as the one found at The Center for Coaching and Mentoring Web site) to assess your management and leadership skills. What skills did you identify as your strengths and weaknesses? How can you improve in areas you consider a weakness? Who do you […]

WK5 CHAP5 Microeconomic Concepts Current State of US Health Care Industry

Identify and describe the current state of the health care industry or a particular segment of the healthcare industry using the Microeconomic concepts and tools we have studied this semester. You will find an overview of the economics of health care in chapter 30 and a discussion of Medicare in Chapter 5. For this week, […]

Tax Reform

The paper should be two pages, times new roman, double spaced, 12 point font with one inch margins. Citations should be inside the document (source, date) and use at least three sources. The paper should include a one-page summary of the tax reform that was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in December […]

Judiciary Short Essay Assignment

Drawing on the material presented in your Open to Debatee-text and the corresponding power point lecture outlines and lectures or video lecture clips, explain, why judges, who are not popularly elected, have such wide authority to strike down popular laws; why do judges have such enormous power with so little public accountability? Why does the […]

Need help with essay

Prepare a 350- to 700-word paper in which you describe the chemical properties of water, specifically seawater. Research and choose two different methods that are currently being used to convert seawater to drinkable water. Include the following in your paper: Describe the chemical and physical properties of seawater. Describe two different methods used to convert […]

criminal justice, write 2 sentences for each question

two sentences for each one on separate: 1. Herbert Richardson was a U.S. war veteran who suffered tremendous mental trauma while serving our nation. How should that be factored into his defense? 2. What is meant by “untimely” evidence? Was this a fair ruling, in your opinion, in Stevenson’s appeals filing? 3. At this point […]

Psy 330 Theories of Personality Assignment 2

Nature Versus Nurture The nature versus nurture debate, as it relates to human development, has perplexed mankind for centuries.  In the field of human behavior, the question frequently arises as to how much of human behavior is due to environment and how much is due to genetic influence.  Review the Nature and Nurture Predispose to […]

NSG426 Phoenix Futile Care Bioethical Decision Making In Nursing

Meet with your Learning Team to select and discuss one of the following topics, or another topic approved by your instructor: Futile care Take a position on the topic. ( I don’t agree with futile care) Find evidence to support your position. Explain why you agree or disagree with the stance and provide citations or […]

Domestic and Foreign Business

Scenario: Your company’s board of directors is exploring expansion of your business and is looking to you to prepare an analysis (Part I) and presentation (Part II) regarding whether that expansion should be domestic or international. Part I Prepare an analysis of the property rights, risks, and benefits of each in a minimum of 1,050 […]

Recovery plan: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Essay

Describe in 500 words the disaster recovery plan and who is responsible at your place of employment. Consider the critical business functions and your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. Overview Failover is the process of maintaining uptime for your database. It can be automatic or manually triggered. The enterprise must calculate how much […]