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In a reflection of 450-600 words, explain how you see yourself fitting into the following IOM Future of Nursing recommendations:

  1. Recommendation 4: Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80% by 2020.
  2. Recommendation 5: Double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020.
  3. Recommendation 6: Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning.

Identify your options in the job market based on your educational level.

  1. How will increasing your level of education affect how you compete in the current job market?
  2. How will increasing your level of education affect your role in the future of nursing?

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines,

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. 

Address the following:Describe the above subject or topic and associated population your     group has selected. Discuss how this topic adversely affects the     population. How does health di

Address the following:

  1. Describe the above subject or topic and associated population your     group has selected. Discuss how this topic adversely affects the     population. How does health disparity affect this population?
  2. Explain evidence-based approaches that can optimize health for     this population. How do these approaches minimize health disparity     among affected populations?
  3. Outline a proposal for health     education that can be used in a family-centered health promotion to     address the issue for the target population. Ensure your proposal is     based on evidence-based practice.
  4. Present a general profile     of at least one health-related organization for the selected focus     topic. Present two resources, national or local, for the proposed     education plan that can be utilized by the provider or the   patient.
  5. Identify interdisciplinary health professionals     important to include in the health promotion. What is their role?     Why is their involvement significant?

Cite at least five scholarly sources to complete   this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years   and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content.

Anatomy work

 150-200 words ,,,, No referenrence needed..

Must use Medical Terminology ..

Must cover everything ..

Applied Statistics for Health Care Professionals topic 2 DQ 1 & 2

Explain the importance of random sampling. What problems/limitations could prevent a truly random sampling and how can they be prevented?

Explain each sampling technique discussed in the “Visual Learner: Statistics” in your own words, and give examples of when each technique would be appropriate.

As one of the research managers in a large research hospital, you are in charge of neurobiology studies. You have been asked to work with the manager of the oncology studies to potentially implement a

As one of the research managers in a large research hospital, you are in charge of neurobiology studies. You have been asked to work with the manager of the oncology studies to potentially implement a prevention study that will recruit healthy participants using crowd-sourcing. Although you have some knowledge of patient-centered research like crowd sourcing, this is new to you as well. However, you have embraced this project as a leader with a vision, and want it to be successful.

Your colleague in oncology is known as Sally-no because she is not open to new methods or ways of handling situations – this is one of the reasons you have been brought onboard. Her team is also very reluctant and resistant to change, having watched and learned from Sally-no.

Consequently, you have two challenges, a new project that will require you to research its pros and cons, and a negative team to work with. Here is your assignment:

You will write a report directed to senior management describing the crowd sourcing recruitment strategy and why it is a viable strategy. Then, you will outline your strategy for winning over the oncology team to perform a pilot study using crowd sourcing.

·         3-5 pages (APA format, with double spacing, references/citations, etc. – no need for title page) – 15 points

·         2-3 paragraphs describe crowd sourcing as is used in research recruitment – 20 points

·         2-3 paragraphs describe the pros and cons of the technique including ethical, logistical, and other issues – 20 points

·         2-3 paragraphs as to why you believe it is a viable strategy for a prevention study – 15 points

·         3-5 paragraphs on how you will win over the oncology team (using techniques from the textbook, your readings or your research – make sure any quotations or references are cited and referenced) – 25 points

1-2 paragraphs summary conclusion on your findings and strategy – 5 points




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Re:Topic 4 DQ 1

A researcher has the ability to control the environment of an experiment allowing less influence over dependent variables by extraneous variables. The more control a researcher exhibits, the more valid the results. The independent variable in a study produces a desired effect on a dependent variable.

An extraneous variable has the ability to change the relationship between the independent and dependent variable thus changing the outcome of the study. Controlling the extraneous variables is method deployed by researchers to keep the study pure, unbiased, accurate, and valid. 

According to Grove, Gray & Burns (2015) “Extraneous variables are of primary concern in quantitative studies because they can interfere with obtaining a clear understanding of the relational or causal dynamics within these studies” (p. 154). Extraneous variables are evident to some degree in all research. The key is to limit the extraneous variables as much as possible.

Examples of extraneous variables include climate, weather, sound, light, personal temperaments, traits, heritage, weight, and height. Once extraneous variables have been identified researchers can control them through; experiment location setting, acquiring informed consent, strict adherence to direction and training methods, choice of sampling employed, strict observation and measurement methods, personal interactions with subjects that do not create bias, research techniques, framework, and control group. Sampling methods used can have an enormous influence on extraneous variables.  The setting of the experiment can be partially controlled or highly controlled as in a laboratory which is where the most strict control can take place (Grove, Gray & Burns, 2015, p. 38). A random sampling of subjects to randomly assigned groups will significantly decrease the effect the extraneous variable has on the dependent variable. 


It is important for nurses to have an awareness of fungal pneumonia. Fungal pneumonia is a rare condition, but is quite serious and needs prompt diagnosis and treatment. Many times the clinical symptoms and presentation are identical to the more common bacterial pneumonia so, the diagnostic efforts must be stepped up to more aggressive methods (i.e. fine needle aspiration, fiberoptic bronchoscopy and at times even thoracoscopic or traditional open lung biopsy).  Through these tests a conclusive diagnosis is made to initiate the appropriate and most effective treatment (Mandanas, 2011).  In certain cases there are some clinical symptoms or clues that indicate a fungal cause. If attention is not paid to the minor difference and indications of this atypical pneumonia, the patient can become very sick, very fast.  What can nurses do when a patient is being treated as a bacterial or viral pneumonia and it is clear the patient is not improving?

Causes of DeathUsing the CDC website, conduct a search to compare the causes of death among two ethnicities of the same age or two ages of the same ethnicity.

  • Causes of Death

Using the CDC website, conduct a search to compare the causes of death among two ethnicities of the same age or two ages of the same ethnicity.

Assignment Instructions and Details (discussion question)

Respond to the assigned questions using the lessons and vocabulary found in the reading. Support your answers with examples and research. Your responses should clarify your understanding of the topic. They should be your own, original, and free from plagiarism. Follow the APA format for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.

1. Conduct your own research to find an example of a time where a medical error resulted in harm to the patient. Describe how this error affected the patient. What were the ramifications for the organization stakeholders who are providing care, that is, physicians, healthcare providers, employees, etc.?

Journal 1

This is the first of three Journal Article Assignments that you will complete in this course. For this assignment, you will locate one peer-reviewed journal article related to a topic covered in Module 1 and create a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, you must identify and explain the purpose of the study (article), interpret definitions and variations in definitions, if any. Length of the presentation should be at least five minutes long and include audio embedded on each slide.

Further information about this assignment, including a grading rubric, can be found in the Start Here folder.

Submit Journal Article 1 to Chalk and Wire no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. The Journal Article 1 Chalk and Wire link is located in the Module 1 folder. Instructions on how to submit this assignment can be found in the Start Here folder. (Chalk and Wire is linked to turnitin)