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Everyday life is full of equations. For example, if you have $40 at a football game and you go to the concession stand for hot dogs and hamburgers, and hot dogs are $3 each and hamburgers are $5 each, how many of each can you purchase? There isn’t just one answer.

Your Assignment is to create your own equation in a home project setting. Present the equation in an essay type format.

1.  In the first paragraph, introduce your equation, tell what your variables represent, and tell what the equation represents.

2.  In the second paragraph, present two solutions to your equation.

3.  In the third paragraph, discuss how and when equations are used in business transactions and give at least two examples.

4.  In the final paragraph, state your conclusions.

Your essay should be complete and cover each point as outlined above. Be sure to include at least one text citation.

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